Thou quilt still not done!

Hello again. Not so long this time between posts! This week I'm sharing with you the highs and lows of quilting.

You may recall back in April my son excitedly chose the fabric he wanted for his quilt. We were both excited about the start of the project, I mean fabric looks great when it's newly purchased and squishy.

my still pretty and exciting fabric

Then reality kicks in and you have to take these gorgeous pieces of fabric and spend hours (and hours and hours – honestly it can begin to feel like Groundhog Day eventually) carefully and painstakingly cutting it up, there can be no short cuts at this stage, accuracy is key.

hours of cutting up went into this little pile

So, now the fun begins, taking these little bits of fabric and turning them into a thing of beauty. I should mention at this stage if you have the heebee jeebee's at the thought of ironing, quilting definitely is not for you. You have to have a love affair with the iron because it's so important to iron the seams at every stage however, this becomes a jigsaw puzzle as you have to carefully plan the direction of each seam – no two opposing seams should lie in the same direction.

Oh! Did I forget to mention that as well as completing the jigsaw puzzle of seams on the back you have to be so pedantic when matching up your panels on the front so they are aligned perfectly (I'm not sure if this stage is heaven or hell for my OCD).

But still us quilters carry on with our tongues sticking out in pure concentration and the occasional colourful word thrown out there from even the mildest mannered of us. Why do we carry on when clearly every seam we sew is designed to increase our blood pressure and bring on early onset grey hair? It's because eventually you end up with a quilt top that is an absolute work of art and steeped in blood, sweat, tears and a lot of love.

one completed quilt top

It's so pretty. Then comes the squishy squashy part (and I hate this bit as much as the cutting up) the sandwiching of the quilt between the bottom layer of fabric, wadding and finally the quilt top. Sounds simple doesn't it…. well it ain't! Just when you get your top layer all smooth and think you're good to go, you take one final check of the back and notice the occasional ruffle here and there. Back you go once more unpinning and pinning over and over again (my OCD doesn't stand a chance by this stage) until all layers are smooth and totally crease free.

anyone for a quilt sandwich?

Now we're ready to let the quilting commence (although I'm still not quite ready for that). I'd love to be able to show you my finished product but like all good shows I'm going to leave it here this week with a cliff hanger….will she won't she finally finish it, da da daa or I could leave it in the style of my favourite programme when I was growing and say, "here's one I made earlier"😂

Oh! And by way of P.S. it may sound like I hate every second of quilting but secretly I love it, it's such a thrill seeing it all coming together knowing you've created it.

Winter is coming and if you'd like a lap quilt of your own to snuggle up with please feel free to drop me a line to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

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