Little Miss Organised

Hello folks! It's been a while hasn't it. How have you been? I have to admit I got a little bit lapse in planning my time carefully (you can't tell can you – she says referring to the lack of blog posts of late). Well guess what! I've only gone and got myself organised!!!!

You see I've been introduced to the wonderful world of Happy Planning! I honestly don't know how I ever got anything done without it. Best of all coz I'm a bit of a stationary lover I get to splash out on cute stickers too, to make it all so pretty, which is very important as I live in a house full of testosterone!

If you don't know what a planner is let me give you a very quick guided tour. It's like a diary (sort of) but on a massive scale, only you don't just use it to keep important appointments and dates in, you plan your time in it efficiently (theoretically). There are a few available on the market; MAMBI Happy Planner, Erin Condren, Heidi Swapp to name a few. I went for the Happy Planner in classic format because the layout of that suited my requirements.

page layout from my classic Happy Planner

My planner comes with three sections per day which I have chosen to use as follows; box one is for family/household events, box two is what I use to plan my work, finally box three is a little bit of me time – which is so important because as a busy wife and mother, you can soon forget about just how important it is to make time each day to do something enjoyable just for you.

Once you've decided how best to use the planner for you, the fun really starts (warning! This part may seriously damage your bank balance), Searching the Internet for all the sticker suppliers for the planner and believe me once you start looking there are 100s of them out there. I've now discovered a few firm favourites, some have stand alone websites and some are on Etsy, here's my choice suppliers; The Plump Planner, Bits of Stationery, Happy Cutie Studio, Crafty Rat, Ellie Beth Designs, Beautiful Planning, Stardust…. once you've ordered your sticker choice it's important that you stalk the postman on a daily basis until he brings you that Happy Mail

Happy Mail 😀

So, you've got your Happy Mail what next? You pretty up your planner and plan your week out of course (I can't tell you how much I look forward to Sunday nights now and it's not because the kids are back at school the next day) but because I get to work on the spread in my planner for the following week.

beginning to plan my week

Oops… you can see I've not planned to work on Wednesday – we all deserve to play hooky from time to time don't we?

You can even buy add ons that help you plan meals and grocery lists, track your housework and keep on a budget (although the latter is proving a bit problematic to me 🤔😉

it won't remain blank – honest!what's a budget?
planner time 😀

Are you tempted to become a planner addict too? There's even Facebook groups you can join, such fun! So now I'm organised I've no more excuses for forgetting to blog have I!? Happy planning everyone x

P.S none of the companies mentioned in this blog have paid me or supplied me with freebies, I am praising them all on the merits of being one Happy Planning customer

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