Hi-de-hi! Campers

It’s been a while hasn’t it!  How are you all? Life has been a bit eventful here at Hobby House.  I’d not been feeling well… it turns out I’m lucky to be alive (must be my Irish blood!) it turns out my blood pressure is double what it should be and I’ve been told I need rest, rest and more rest while they try various medications to get it under control.  I don’t mind though coz every cloud has a silver lining and it gives me no better excuse to enjoy the finer things in life like crafting, so what have I been up to (besides watching the whole box set ofbthe old classic comedy Hi-de-Hi!)?

It’s all a bit fishy!

lol not really, I’m lucky to be the proud Auntie too, three beautiful nieces so every now and then I get to spoil them by making them cute things.  They are all into Disney so I thought I would help them achieve a dream and become a little mermaid.  With the help of Emi Harrington on ravelry I found the pattern I wanted and away I went.  I’ve made it a bit longer than necessary so my niece has growth room but this should make her smile and keep her warm in the evening when camping (hi-de-hi!).  One tail down, two to go

The first of three mermaid tails complete

Scouting for boys!

My youngest son is a scout and he has requested a quilt he can keep and sew his badges on that don’t get sewn onto their uniform.  In the last school holidays I took him to Quilt Essential which is a wonderful fabric shop not far from home and he selected his fabric.  As well as being a scout he is a keen musician and plays the piano and guitar… this may have influenced his fabric choices!  The quilt is only in the preparation stage at the moment but I promise to keep you posted with updates

This will be a quilt… honest!
Lavenders blue dilly dilly…

I last reported in with you from a field somewhere in Norfolk where we had upped sticks and gone to for half term.  I can’t begin to describe how pretty it is there will all the different shades of lavender and other various flora and fauna (I’m not Alan Titchmarsh so please don’t ask me to try and name them) so much so that when we got home I picked some colours from the beautiful Stylecraft Special DK range and I’ve now begun work on the cozy stripe blanket as inspired by Attic 24 using my colour choice, I have to say Lucy at Attic 24 came up with a corker of a design with this one its so pretty, what do you think?

Attic 24 and Norfolk inspired Cozy Stripe blanket

What else?!  And this is me relaxing lol!

Little Miss Organised

I’ve become so unorganised of late what with a hectic family life, busy work schedule and not too mention all my craft projects I’m trying to rotate, Ellen from Dove Cottage Creations suggested I try using a Happy Planner.  After doing a bit of research as to what would be the right planner for me I made my purchase from Suzy Stick It and I’m currently in the process of organising it on a week by week basis – I’m only on week one but so far so good, hopefully no more deadlines missed or forgotten hairdresser appointments. I’ll let you know how it goes …

Little Miss Organised

It’s getting hot in here

Last but not least I’ve also got the temperature blanket up to date and with this lovely warm weather we are currently experiencing I’m so pleased to see more yellow appearing – yellow means warm yay!

Temperature control!

Well that’s brought you up to date… I’m off to rest zzzz

#littlemissorganised #crochettherapy #happyplanning #temperatureblanket2017

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