Art Therapy

Therapy!   As a busy wife and mother I’m always in need of therapy – that’s what I constantly tell the other half to justify my wool stash, fabric stash and now I think I might be having a new stash starting – colouring books!

As you will be aware from my earlier post this week we’ve upped sticks and moved our tin can on wheels into a field somewhere in Norfolk in a desperate effort to unwind and relax (Doctors orders this time too!!! ). 

I’m one of those people that worry if I’m not worrying about something – you know the type I’m sure, the really annoying (organised) type that have lists for their lists, so relaxing doesn’t come easy to me.  Having exhausted my (uh hum) 14 balls of wool I brought with me earlier in the week I’ve been looking for another avenue to relax with.  I turned my hand to art.

I remember my art teacher once told my parents at a parent evening that my art work would make Picasso turn in his grave – i of course took it as a compliment – of course he would want to turn in his grave to see my art work he would want to get out of the blessed thing and get a closer look surely.  Apparently that wasn’t what she meant… how very rude!!!  Having been suitably impressed by the gorgeous flora and fauna here in Norfolk I decided to try my hand at sketching – I think now I understand what my art teacher meant 😂

My attempt at Norfolks beautiful flora

Maybe sketching is not my forte!  Today I took my oldest munchkin into Kings Lynn for his therapy – HMV shopping – and I stumbled across an art therapy colouring book that was on offer so of course it made its way into our shopping basket.  It’s so cute ….

My latest addition to an ever growing list of Hobbies

After having my blood pressure taken (currently need it monitoring twice a day – who knew 189/110 was actually quite a high reading!) and finding out it’s just not really coming down I thought I had better have a go at colouring ….

My colouring book image

I’m hooked,  carefully planning what colours to use and how to shade is so therapeutic and such fun!  Vote me into Number 10 next week and I’ll be sure to put it as a treatment on the NHS – why have I never done this before!?  I urge anyone who has trouble switching off to give it a go,it’s such a cheap and easy way to chill out – or chillax as the two Kevin’s (See last blog post) would say. And on that note I’m off to chillax some more….

#arttherapy #colouringisfun

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