Carry on Camping

That’s me this week, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, living in a tin on wheels in the middle of a field with nothing but nature around… sounds idyllic doesn’t it – it would be but I’ve got two teenagers in tow who seriously think it’s uncool to show any sign of enjoyment or happiness.  

Beautiful flowers from a tea garden in Holt

We’ve been exploring a little bit of Norfolk today and it’s beautiful.  Holt is such a pretty little Georgian market town with quaint shops and numerous tea gardens, one imparticular, Folly’s was so quaint with the largest array of homemade cakes I’ve ever seen (so many even I had difficulty deciding what to choose) although my very own teenage version of ‘Kevin’ found it hard to do anything but grunt – I suppose at least it’s communication.  We were able to enjoy our tea and cake in the prettiest little courtyard surrounded by flora and fauna (well most of us did ‘Kevin’ wasn’t so easily impressed)

Folly’s Tea Rooms in Holt

I even managed to find a wool and fabric store.  My husband (bless him he’s one in a million) thinks I’m like a homing pigeon when it comes to wool and fabric shops – the only resembelance I have to a pidgeon is a slight waddle when I walk.

My beautiful marble wool from Holt (James C Brett marble chunky )

So now it’s crochet time (while my brilliant husband fires up the Cadac and cooks us our tea)

Crochet and camping

This is me all chilled out enjoying the last of the evening sun grabbing a bit of crochet time while ‘Kevin’ and ‘little Kevin’ go and grunt in the park with all the other ‘Kevins’ that have been forced to endure a family get away.  Lavender fields tomorrow – will chill them out? “Grunt”

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