The Sun has got his hat on

Hip hip hip hooray!  What a welcome sight the sun is this week after all that rain last week, doesn’t it make you feel so much lighter and happier (and on the lighter note regular readers of my blog will know I’m trying to destash my ass and I’m pleased to report it is currently 5lb lighter – just look what the sun can do 😀).

The other part of me that is constantly getting lighter is my hair – and I don’t mean in colour!  I’ve always had very fine baby soft hair and I’ve found since I had my children it’s been getting finer and finer which causes me a bit of a problem in the warm sunnier weather, no one likes sun burn but least of all on your scalp.  Being the resourceful person that I like to think I am, I went to my other destash pile – all my yarn. 

After a bit of searching I found just the yarn I was after, a Patons 100% cotton DK (and this is a good arguement for always keeping a stash in, you can often find something you need and don’t have to go shopping for more – well that’s my arguement and I’m sticking with it).  Next job was to settle myself in front of the gogglebox for the evening and off to work I went – making myself a hat.

I was pleased as punch when I’d finished it until my other half burst out laughing, a quick look in the mirror told me why, I had made it far too big…. wanna see?

Remember I told you earlier I was resourceful!?  Well I came up with a quick easy fix – I made the cutest little flower, turned the front of the brim up and fixed it in place with a matching button.

The other half is still laughing at me in my hat and I hate to tell you that my mum also had the same reaction when she saw me in it so I’m guessing you guys are pretty much having a similar reaction.  Oh well!  I can’t be a fashionista every day (or any day in my case) but I am an individual which is not an bad thing.

At least with it being too big I should be extra safe from the dreaded sunburn this summer.

#thesunhasgotitshaton #sunsafety #sunhatsrock

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