It ain’t half hot mum!

My youngest is currently working his way through the box set of the classic old English comedy, It ain’t half hot Mum!, for those of you that haven’t seen it before it’s like Dad’s Army in the Jungle.  Anyway I’m digressing but cor blimey it ain’t half hot mum!

As our temperatures are slowly rising (even if it is currently very wet out) the heat in my crochet corner is spiralling out of control – why?  Because back on the 1st January 2017 I decided it would be a nice challenge to make a temperature blanket.

So what is a temperature blanket?  It’s a blanket that depicts the temperature daily throughout the year by using crochet to record it. Everyone has their own take on it, I decided to do a row of crochet each day in a colour that I had chosen to represent the temperature for that day.  My colour range goes up in increments of 4C e.g. For temps of 0C or below I assigned the Stylecraft shade 1203 Silver for temps between 1 and 4C I’m using 1034 Sherbert etc.  

It was cold in January so I thought it would be a good idea to make it double bed size, I merrily chained on 301 and so began my temperature blanket project.  How I longed for it to grow and keep me warm in those early cool months of the year.  It’s now nearly mid way through the year, the temperatures are at last rising, the blanket is getting longer and I’m getting hotter and hotter each day I work on it.  I know in my last blog post I said I wanted to destash my ass but I hadn’t thought of melting away under piles of blanket, this is not going to be a welcome project over the summer months.

The picture above is just a small section of the blanket and somewhere underneath all that there’s little (ok big) ole me melting away row by row.  Having had my moan though about how hot it is it’s so nice to see the changes in the temperature and the feeling of sheer joy you get when you realise that you get to use a new colour for the first time is almost ecstasy!

You can start the blanket at time of the year, here’s how I’m doing mine;

First pick your yarn and assign the temperature range to your chosen colours (here’s mine)

Then decide what stitch you want to use.  I’m using a combination of DC and TC (UK terms) on alternative months e.g. January, March, May, July, September and November will be DCs the remaining months will be TCs.

  1. To begin chain 301,
  2. Decide at what point of the day you will use to record the temperature and remember to record it somewhere
  3. Using your chosen stitch complete day one in the appropriate yarn
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 daily until the end of your 12 months (or length of time you have decided to record)
  5. Swelter underneath it in the summer months but don’t give up
  6. Be grateful for the size of it when the winter months come around again
  7. When it’s finally finished step back and admire your work 

And on that note I will say once more It ain’t half hot Mum! Oh!  And if you want to know what book I’m using to record all the details in, it’s my fab My Crochet Project Book from The Stationery Geek that I use to record all my projects in. Till next time xx

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