I’m gonna tell you a secret…

Come closer, don’t be shy!  I’m not going to shout it coz I don’t want the whole world too know, I’m only  sharing it with my closest blog friends….

But I’m going to be destashing over the coming months but not in the way that you might think – here comes the secret.

If you follow my Facebook page you will of course know that I was meant to have a procedure done today to cure my long standing vertigo… well when I got there they couldn’t do it!  I’ve got to see a specialist for further investigations, so why the need to destash?  I’ve also got too loose weight. Shocking I know!  I knew I was slightly on the comfortable side (well maybe more than slightly) but I was given the kick up the backside today that I desperately needed.  

As soon as I got home I put part one of the destash the ass plan into place and dusted off the food diary I bought from Doris and Fred and put it into practice 

Ok so it’s blank in the picture but I have since filled it in, I promise.  It’s already making me feel motivated coz it’s so pretty and I am a bit of a stationary geek.  I’ve just got to get brave enough now to have a before photo taken, printed out and stick it in.  I’m not being paid to say this but I love Doris and Fred stationary it’s so cute.

Now I’m implementing part two of the destash the ass programme.  I don’t know about you but the minute I make the conscious decision to shed a few lbs rather than Ā£s my brain tells my hands to keep pushing food into my mouth which has not got the intelligence to stay shut and refuse it so,  here’s the cunning – I mean clever – part.  I’m going to have to get through an awful lot of wool and fabric to keep those pesky hands of mine away from my easily lead mouth so I’m going to get through my current supplies much quicker than normal as a result while I’ll be loosing the lbs I’ll also be loosing the Ā£s to keep my stash stocked up (clever,  see he thinks I’m destashing but really I’m buying more than ever but he won’t ever see a stock pile lying around anymore).  Two birds and one stone. I’ve already started too destash the stash in order to stash (hope you followed that),  here’s just some of the projects I’m working on to help my health šŸ˜‚ (if only craft was available on the NHS).

You will keep my secret won’t you x


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