Mum’s Taxi

Do you ever feel like once 3.15pm hits, you cease to be you, you no longer have a name other than ‘Mum’ your social life only exists because you sit and smile at the other mum’s in your position waiting endlessly for our children to complete whatever activity it may happen to be tonight, rugby, football, piano, guitar, drums, all safe topics of conversation exhausted (the weather, homework, here again!) or waiting in the car for them to come out of the cinema so you can see them safely home!

Well I frequently forget my own name, I find myself answering the call of Mum from anyone’s child, it doesn’t have to be my own, after all, Mum is now my name.  I’m digressing though….

Being the Mum taxi that I am, I find myself constantly trying to cram a book, drink (don’t tell anyone but even a chocolate bar on occasions) into an all too small bag.  I find myself, even though my munchkins are now 11 and 13, still needing that overnight bag just for a two hour trip to school, clubs, cinema and as for shopping forget a bag, I need a suitcase!!  As well as being the taxi service I find myself also being used as the porter too – even the husband gets in on this one!  So….  in an attempt to regain some use of my of pre-Mum bags I have hidden away in my wardrobe (honestly, I’ve more bags than Radley!) I’m downsizing.  

It’s never that easy though is it, I still need something to hold my book, drink and uh-um, chocolate in while I while away endless hours waiting for my taxi passengers at their endless activities.  Being the resourceful person that I am (and in a desperate attempt to avoid housework) I came up with the perfect pick up and go solution.  I made myself a Mini tote bag.  The perfect size to hold my essential survival kit (book, drink & chocolate) whilst allowing me to use my smaller feminine handbags long since forgotten about.  

I’m me again and by the way us mum’s rock!

#mumstaxi #minitote #chocolatesurvivalkit

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