She sells sea shells….

Inspired by my recent trip to the magnificent Lulworth Cove in Dorset I’ve started yet another crochet project.  This time it’s a beautiful shells blanket made using the wonderfully soft Stylecraft Special DK in white that I had in my stash  from my favourite on line yarn store The Wool Warehouse.

I’ve only ever used the shells stitch as a border for blankets before but just recently I’ve seen loads of people making blankets using the shell stitch alone and they looked so pretty, I had to give it a try.  

Using the amazing teaching tool all us crafters now have the benefit of having 24/7 in our homes (and out and about) I set to, trawling You Tube and found an easy to follow tutorial for it by Jonna Martinez Shell stitch blanket and set about making my own.  I’ve a long way to go but am so pleased with my progress so far…

Hopefully by the time I go on my next caravan holiday in a few weeks time – to the wonderful county of Norfolk (I’m hoping Kate and Wills invite me in for afternoon tea while I’m there) this blanket will be complete and I’ll find inspiration for yet another project.

#shesellsseashells #shesellssanctuary

2 thoughts on “She sells sea shells….

    1. This time I’m sticking to white because I have in my head that this would make the perfect blanket for a christening. But I’m going to make another one in neutral pastel shades just for fun 😀. Thank you for kind words x

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