Do you suffer with crafting ADHD?

Now before you all jump down my throat saying ‘you can’t use the term ADHD its not politically correct, its unfair on those with the condition ‘ etc….  I can!  I know all about ADHD having two children on the Autism Spectrum and one of those with ADHD too.  I’m not trying to be controversial I am trying to be honest!  I sincerely believe that it is a condition many of us crafters suffer from.  How many times have you found yourself doing a WIP to find your mind is already planning the next one and the one after that?

I’m terrible for it, I really am and I drive my husband to distraction with it.  He does not know why I cannot just simply finish one project before I start another,  want to know what my reply is?  Course you do lol, “why can’t you actually start a job round the house before not completing another” – touchee, LOL!  To give you some idea how bad my infliction is, here’s a peek at my corner of the lounge (notice how many project baskets and books I have very close to hand)


I think it can be worse if you have the pleasure of enjoying more than one craft as well.  I love to sew, crochet, cross stitch and knit (am I giving you a rough idea how many WIPs I currently have yet?).  I find myself constantly fighting the desire to start something new.  I often find myself overwhelmed with ideas too that it keeps me awake night.  How many of you sleep with a note pad beside the bed to jot your ideas down that come into your head in the small hours of the morning so you don’t forget them?  Come on..  Be honest!

I can always justify starting a new WIP too, bet you can as well!  Here’s my list of frequently rolled out justifications for beginning a new project;

  • but this one’s for charity!
  • I really need to master this stitch!
  • I have a deadline (in my head) to meet!
  • the colours are so pretty though!
  • I need it!
  • It’s good to have different interests!
  • its lousy weather

Can you give me any more to add to my list?  I daren’t keep rolling these ones out any  more.  On our recent holiday to the New Forest, I got in trouble with the Husband for packing more wool than I did clothes!!  Did I need it all?  NO!  Did I use it all? NO!  Did I relax a lot more knowing it was there?  You bet I did!!!

I’m going to show you just a few of my WIPs now – I daren’t show them all you would think I’m crazy –  but I’m going to be good and give you links to tutorials or patterns where I can you so you can add them to your WIP pile too

This first one is from a fabulous pattern by Slightly Sheepish.  I really don’t think I’m doing it justice but I love traditional campervans and really NEEDED the bag!


moving on….

This next one is a pattern by King Cole.  I bought the wool and pattern from my lovely local yarn shop in Nottingham (Knit Nottingham), Eleanor assured me I would be fine doing it and do you know she was spot on, I am fine doing it, I just need to finish it…



Looking good I think…

WIP number three is…

This beautiful C2C made from the gorgeous baby DK yarn bought in my local Poundland.  In my defence, the only reason this one isn’t finished yet is I have run out the yarn with about 10cm of the border to go and all the Poundlands in our area don’t have it in stock at the moment.  It is a set of two that I am making for @willowswish who donate them to SANDS.  My good friend, Jackie, taught me C2C, if you would like to know how to do it too,  here’s a link to the Bella CoCo tutorial which is amazing Bella CoCo C2C


Had enough yet?

I’m also part way through a cardigan that I am knitting, this is another one going to a wonderful charity called Big Hearts Square Group who help no end of people and organisations in dire need throughout the world


So the final picture I am going to  you is my beautiful pile of yarn waiting to be turned into a poncho from a pattern in Simply Crochet.  I really want to start on it but keep telling myself to finish off at least one of my projects first.


That isn’t the end of my WIP story but I will share my next quest with you next week when I begin a quilt for my son ready for Scout Camp.  Till next week, happy WIPing everyone!

#happycrafter  #woolwarehouserocks  #goingtostartanotherproject






















re wool than clothes!  Did I need it all?  NO!  Did I use it all? NO!  Did I relax a lot more knowing it was there?  You bet I did!!!

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