Mad as a Hatter!

It’s often been said that I can be as mad as a hatter, so rude I know!  But this weekend it will be true because…. I’m taking Hobby House Makes on the road again, to the Seven Oaks Inn in Stanton (nr Ilkeston, Derbyshire) to attend a Mad Hatters Tea Party, all in a good cause, my local branch of the RSPCA.

As well as being an avid sewer and crocheter, I am the proud parent of three fur babies: my Cavalier King Charles, Poppy, who can be a bit of a diva but is very loyal and loving (any human owned by a Cavalier will tell you they can be a bit of a diva) and I have to admit that she makes a heck of a good water bottle on a cold winters day as she rarely leaves my side; my 16 year old cat, Millie, who I’m convinced has learnt to talk – now come on stop rolling your eyes at me, she really has!  She has learnt to say hello! and she likes to let me know that she can say it in the middle of the night when she thinks she has lost me because I’m fast asleep in my warm cosy bed and she can’t see me, she wanders the house shouting a long drawn out miaow type Hello! until she hears me wake up and call to her “I’m up here” and up she comes up the stairs (together with her imaginary elephant friends), she flops on the bed and pats my head just to check I am really there and not just a pile of pillows then she will settle down and go to sleep for the night leaving me wide awake (sound familiar to anyone?); finally we are the proud fur parents of the best rat catcher since the Pied Piper of Hamlin, and that is Emily, my 7 year old cat who likes nothing better than in the warmer spring and summer months  to bring me home little presents (always alive) to show her love and affection for me.  I can remember one particular incident last summer as I was busy sewing away, Emily came home and as proud as punch dropped her latest offering to me at my feet (bare feet!!), I looked down to say hello to her and there was a field mouse looking back at me and Emily sitting proudly by its side.  Well anyone who knows me would compare me to a sloth but not on that occasion, I was out of the house quicker than The Flash pausing only to collect my mobile phone.  So there I was barefoot and squeamish on my driveway with no kindly neighbour around to help – it was the middle of a work day, so my long suffering better half received a very gibberish phone call from me (the sloth) somehow he understood he was to get home quickly coz there was a problem.  What followed next was a scene from a comedy farce (well it could of been had I not been scared witless so I couldn’t film it), as I shoved him into the house closing the door firmly behind him and bravely peering in through the window to be met with the sight of the mouse running (scared) around the room, with the better half chasing after it and him being chased by the cat – oh!  what an entertaining half hour that was!  Would you like to meet my three fur babies?

PicMonkey Collage

So when I was invited to attend the first ever fundraising tea party for my local branch of the RSPCA how could I say no?


Last year the Derby branch of the RSPCA re-homed over 1000 animals which is incredible considering they are one of the smaller branches.  It costs within the region of £9000 per week to run that branch alone.  They are independently run and receive no fundraising from the either the government or the lottery funding.  They raise their much needed funds by doing various fund raising events, encouraging their amazing supporters to fundraise on their behalf, donations received and occasionally the odd legacy.  Animals need re-homing for a variety of reasons and at the Derby branch they re-home, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, in fact most small furries, they have also been known to re-home the occasional budgie and cockatiel.  If you would like to know more about how to support the Derby branch of the RSPCA please click on the following link: how to help or to see some of the beautiful and hopeful animals they have that need re-homing then please click here: find a home.

So all that is left for me to do is cordially invite you to attend the Mad Hatters Tea Party this Sunday ( 2nd April) and I hope to see you there: Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitation .  Fear not, if you are unable to come to our tea party why not host one of your own, simply click on the following link for more information: get involved

#rspcaderby #madhattersteaparty #petsrule

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