One of those weeks!!!!

Have you ever had one of those weeks? You know, those weeks were no matter how well thought out and planned you think you are, the universe has a different idea for you?  I’m sure you have, I can’t be alone in this.  Well this week was one of those weeks for me….

I’d planned on Tuesday to write a brilliant blog post about how in the USA March is national craft month and so I was going to encourage you all to say hell to the mundane and dreary and instead craft away, either by yourself, with the kids or with friends. I was going to give you some fab links to great crafting ideas. I was going to drone on about why Procraftination is a good thing (oh yes!) and show you all my new fabric stash then the sneaky load of bargain wool I treated myself too from Poundland (complete with very sneaky hiding place) and snuck into the house without my better half knowing – all for a good cause – National Craft Month across the pond 😏.  I was going to talk about my making list for my ever growing sewing business and how excited I was about some new products I am going to introduce.

It’s now Thursday and instead of procraftinating I’m too busy procrastinating about all the things I should have done but still haven’t.  Well as it’s pretty much the end of the week I am going to say to hell with it… bring on the procraftination and stuff the procrastination – who’s joining me?

I can’t wait for you all to share your procrastinates too 😂👍😀


#procraftination  #itsnearlytheweekend


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