Is a Craft Fair Viable?

Well, that all depends…  are you a glass half empty or glass half full person?  If you are a glass half empty person then I would say a craft fair might probably not be the place for you to show off your hours of hard work that often requires some amount of blood (yes I am talking about me pricking my finger on more than one occasion on a needle), a lot of sweat (oh yes when the deadline is looming the sweat and I mean sweat in an unladylike manner will undoubtly appear) and plenty of tears (when things go wrong, when you’re over tired but you’ve still got orders to make and stock to build up etc).

  glass half full

However, if you are a glass half full person then craft fairs can be a great place to be as a trader – why?

It’s true that sometimes a craft fair no matter how well promoted does not always attract a lot of footfall and that sometimes even if you do get the footfall that does not guarantee a certain amount of sales, however, have you ever considered the other side of the coin?  It’s not always just about the selling (I know!  I’m not going mad, hear me out please);


I attended one craft fair before Christmas that on  paper looked like it could be very profitable, on the day the attendance was dire, the organisation could have been better and the many of the other stall holders soon gave up all hope and quite a few packed up early (a big no no in my opinion), but during my time there I met this one gentleman who stopped by my stall while his wife was browsing at another.  I knew he was not interested in my products but I did pick up on the fact that he was bursting at the seams to speak to someone about something, it turns out this gentlemen was over the moon because his grand children who lived on the other side of the world were coming to spend Christmas and New Year with them for the first time ever, I had a good half hour chat with this gentlemen, he shared all his plans for the Christmas season he had for his grandchildren and his unbridled pleasure rubbed off on me, I was so pleased to share in his obvious delight about his impending visit from his grandchildren, no amount of sales could have made my day better. On that occasion it was Sales 0 – Feel Good Factor – 1 (go figure!).

craft fair image

That was just one example I have of some of the wonderful people I have met at craft fairs, not just potential customers either, they are a great place to network with other stall holders.  Networking and building up relationships with other stall holders can be very important as a small craft business, you can share information with each other such as who you have found to be good fair organisers, ones to avoid, have you heard of this fair coming up? Do you use this supplier?  Have you ever thought about…? etc.   So even if the footfall is poor use the craft fair to your advantage, network, get to know the other stall holders.  I’ve been very lucky since I started up my venture that over the many, many, fairs I have done I have come across some regular faces as stall holders and through networking I have made some very good friends, if you would like to see some of the lovely people – and their beautiful products – I have made friends with over my time doing fairs, check out their links:…..   The Very Place ,  Georginas Crochet with Love  and Gift to Grace , you won’t be disappointed.cake

Networking not for you?  Then I have to assume you are still on the glass half empty side, well what’s left?  CAKE!  Oh yes!!  A good craft fair will usually have homemade cakes on offer so if the footfall is slow, the networking has dried up and the tummy is rumbling fear not, there is always cake, what more could you want J

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5 thoughts on “Is a Craft Fair Viable?

  1. Lovely read again Nikki, definitely glass half full over here at The Very Place & thank you so much for the link! You’re absolutely right that it’s the people who make a great fair, not just the profits 😊 Lots of love, see you Saturday at the Haven Centre in Stapleford for another great fair! Liz xx

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  2. Loving your blogs Nikki! You are so right about the people, I have some real heart warming, and heart wrenching, stories from all the fairs I have done. Sometimes here at Gifts to Grace it feels a bit half – empty after some fairs I have to admit but meeting friends like you (not crawling) has made it worthwhile. Thanks for the link & keep up the good work! Looking forward to the 18th x

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