Doris, Blogging and all….

I want to congratulate you for finding my blog and actually reading it but I really feel like I need to congratulate myself for getting this far too!  Oh my word how technology has changed since I was last in an office environment… mobile phones were the size of bricks and only owned by reps and the Internet was only just taking off (now you can roughly guess my age).  Blogging was a sound you made when you sneezed not something you used to communicate with!  Anyway,  here I am four days on after listening to a very inspirational seminar given by Joanne Dewberry about blogging for business so I thought I’d give it a go.  I think I’ve managed to create a blog but I’ll only really know if I get any readers which brings me into Doris (a tentative link but a link all the same)…  I nearly didn’t get this far today with my first attempt at blogging as I had a near death experience (ok I exaggerate) in Asda car park this morning all thanks to Storm Doris.  Who knew that when I opened my boot all my shopping bags would take of like kites all over the car park, I felt like I was trying catching oversize treats from a piรฑata not knowing which way to run (the link between Doris, Asda and blogging … chocolate!  I knew I would need massive amounts to help me reach this far and I looked like a massive Doris trying to catch my bags).  Anyway,  stay safe in the storms and the car parks and remember you’re never too old to learn new technology x

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